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Bitchin Over Wine
Built For Potty Mouths And Not For Pussies
Category: Management & Marketing
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March 17, 2017 10:46 AM PDT

Show Notes: An East Coaster thick and through...Eric definitely holds on to his small town values and upbringing while embracing big city life and monumental musical career moves. Collaborating with the likes of unspoken key players in some of the worlds biggest celebrities...This young lad will be be climbing the charts faster than your mama can pull up her spanx. In this episode we touched on topics like: * What it was like to be a Maritimer coming to a big city * How Canadian Idol, and Maritime Idol changed his life * Why he's open about his personal relationships * Name dropping...People he's working with on his up coming album. AHEM this is HUGE! The current challenges he faces in building his music career * Why he's 'gone country' ...And obviously more. There always is...

December 06, 2016 11:08 AM PST

"Always Use Your Voice." The advice she gives to her five year old self.

Meet Farah Foster-Manning. A lively woman with an evergreen attitude, magnetic smile, and a charismatic vibe that can only be described as addicting.

After becoming a master huntress in reclaiming her own destiny, she seized her identity back by saying adios the corporate world, bio-hacking her way to health, winning first place in a triathlon, AND learning to do the balancing act as a mom, life coach, and entrepreneur.

Now that we've cleared up that I should be writing people online dating profiles...

In this episode we dig into deep topics like:

* The American influence of power
* Divorce, and back packing her kid through university to get her degree
* Her corporate sales life
* Losing herself in life
* Bio-hacking her way to health, and the compound effect
* How she feels about kids having access to just about everything on the internet & social media

And of course a ton more!

November 22, 2016 04:41 PM PST

I'm still not convinced that some of this stuff isn't just a bunch of hocus pocus, but if it isn't, boy do I have a great life in store for me...

I've been to two different psychics, and I find the readings to have been broad on some levels, and very specific on others. The line of questioning seems to draw out information that they either can confirm or deny their thoughts based on whatever source they are getting it from. What do you think??

Pick Your Stone

One thing that immediately stood out for me when I walked in and picked out my own chakra stone was what they stone card told me. You pick a stone that you are drawn to and then are given a card that explains the properties within the stone. I love orange, and warmth so I picked the Red Eye Tiger Stone. When I read the card it told me exactly what I was seeking from my visit. Clarity. Hello goosies!

I've recently was feeling exasperated, and lost in my relationships, my acting career, and everything I've been doing to build this Internet Lifestyle. Have I been moving in the right direction? If I keep on in the same direction will I see the results I am looking for? Will I have success in both my online lifestyle business, and my acting career? Will I find true love? and not just any love; but a real fulfilling love that has the ingredients to last?

In this episode find out:

-About the double life I've been leading and how they actually connect.
-The number that surrounds me.
-Why my heart has been closed for business.
-What food I should keep in the house for my son.
-The man I'm going to meet in 6-8 months, and that I will end up marrying.
-How I dealt with my dads sudden death.
-The discovery I made about doing musical theatre.
-All the places in the world I'm going to visit.

And some super personal stuff... Now let's see what comes true!

November 11, 2016 01:21 PM PST

Full of joy and holding back tears, Brittany Krystantos opened up to me publicly like she never has before...Here is the glimpse in to the mind of a young girl who was comprised at a young age, and took on a rare disorder that only 1% of the children's population ever deal with. Brittany published her first book at eighteen years of age. I don't about you, but I managed to win a pageant, and barely make it out alive from high school, and a teen pregnancy at that point. Hardly a real accomplishment. Can you relate? Not to me of course. Or do you? Brittany shared with me some of her deepest and darkest experiences like never before, and I'm sure we can all find ourselves in her book whether as an adult of someone who is going through a similar journey as a teen. Show Notes: In this episode we discuss deep topics such as: *What made her decide to write a book Expectations of being in the public eye. *Being vulnerable to the world What made her decided to write her book. *How her old school mates have reacted to her revealing book. *Transforming from being an outcast. *How girls are bitches. *Mindset and belief systems. *The process of healing, and self love Her ongoing discoveries. Believe me, there is so many more layers to this jam packed episode. Please listen, comment and share!

Please visit my podcast page to get links for Brittany's book on Amazon!

Find more on Brittany!

Website: brittanykrystantos.com

Instagram:  @brittkrystantos Twitter: @brittkrystantos

October 28, 2016 09:18 PM PDT

Epic Epicness...Meet Matte Black. A man who has grown integrity, and an overly humble outlook on life, fame, and his place in the circle of this god forsaken world.

There's not too many people that come from a truly intense and interesting path in life. In this podcast, I learned so much about Matte's upbringing and how he was shaped into the stellar and unkept man that he is today. I don't mean unkept in a gnarly sense. It's more that he chose his purpose over big money and music fame to make magic with his movement in Heroes In Black. He doesn't see himself that way, but many do. Including this gal. Suck it up Matte. We love you!

Honestly this is one of the most personal episodes for me. It hits me in the feels big time. We cover so many things from:

* How he became a homeless youth
* What is was like his first night being legit homeless
* His relationships with friends and family during that time
Being a drug addict
* The "Aha Moment" when he made the choice to change his life
* The creation and evolution of an organization that everyone can support
* The struggles of being the face of the brand

AND soooo much more that I can't even explain so just f#cking listen!

August 19, 2016 05:07 PM PDT

Social media influencer, blogger, fashion lover, and Youtube star Jesse Hazen joins me on Bitchin Over Wine Podcast where we get down and dirty about the ins and outs of internet stardom, raising the roof using your personality, what it's like to own who you are, and that's not all!

August 01, 2016 08:14 PM PDT

There's hope for us all it turns out as I discovered how this fine young founder of Underground Unattached came in to her own, and grew her business to be THE revolutionary dating experience.

July 06, 2016 11:15 AM PDT

A quintessential, grass roots lady of the country, Samantha Houston joins me to dish about growing up in the sticks, and her passion for Bulls. Riding that is. This fawesome femme describes her transition from competitive bull-riding as one of the few female bull-riders in Canada, to taking it on-screen as a stunt rider. Don't mess with her she will stomp you.

June 27, 2016 04:27 PM PDT

I can barely describe this Podcast. There are almost no words. Except awesome. And also, we gossip and discuss all things relationships, social media, business, personal struggles being in the public eye. This is a longer one, but it was effortless, and we had definitely had a mojo going. Please share if you connected and tag someone you know that loves Jacqui Childs! Nanny put your ear muffs on.

June 21, 2016 03:09 PM PDT

Join me as I mind-rape ultra adorable R & B singer and song writer Roger Ortega on his new album The Lottery, his personal life and how social media revolutionized his business. Yes I'm a nosey bitch too.

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